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Students will be introduced to several drawing techniques and mediums such as pencil, chalk, and charcoal. Students will also have a variety of drawing subjects ranging from still-life to models. Pupils will learn the importance of the line and will develop basic to advanced drawing skills. This is critical to have because drawing is the foundation of all other mediums.
The watercolor medium, though its translucency and free flowing form can produce truly beautiful images. Due to its difficulty watercolor will mostly be used by older advanced students. Those who take on this effusive and tricky medium will learn how to tame and eventually recreate with it.

The oil medium, while not as fluent as watercolor is still just as flexible. Due to this quality, oil paint presents endless artistic possibilities. It is no wonder this was the choice medium for master artists. However, some preliminary experience with other paints, such as acrylic, are recommended in order to truly excel with oil paint.